Things to know about the brakes on your vehicle

Things to know about the brakes on your vehicle

Think of a time when you had to really depend on your vehicles brakes.   Maybe you were distracted by the billboard along the motorway and did not realise that the vehicle in front of you had suddenly reduced speed (guilty), or perhaps when a pedestrian decided to take a scenic walk across the road.  Needless to say we can all agree that the brakes on a vehicle is utterly important and something that we depend on.


Common questions about brakes include:

How long will my brakes last?  Well that depends on how you drive your vehicle.  Regularly driving in traffic will wear down your brakes quicker than driving in easy flowing roads.  Frequently pressing down hard on the brake pedal to come to a quick stop will also shorten the lifespan of your brakes.  Whilst we are talking brakes it is good to point out that for safety reasons it is important to keep safe following distances.  Good brakes are not going to be of use if you are so close to the vehicle in front of you that you cannot stop in time.  Remember following the conditions of the road and speed limits gives you a better opportunity to react to a situation than if you were speeding or following too close.


How often should the brakes on my vehicle be inspected? Most mechanics will check your brakes during vehicle servicing. 


When should I act? 

Noticed vibration when coming to a stop.  The brakes are making a grinding or squealing noise.  The brake pedal is spongy or sinking too far down before the vehicle comes to a stop.   The vehicle is taking longer to come to a stop.  If any of these are occurring it is important to book your vehicle in for an inspection asap. 


Call Mechanics At Work on 0435 812 747.  We will come out to you which will be safer than driving a vehicle with potentially compromised brakes.    

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Date Published: Aug 8 2018 2:13AM
Date Edited: Oct 8 2018 11:43AM