Benefits of having a Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

Benefits of having a Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a used car


So you think you have found the right vehicle for you.  But how can you tell that youre not just buying a dud that will choke a few kilometres down the road. 


At Mechanics at Work we provide a Pre-Purchase Inspection service.  What does this involve?   We will set a time with the vendor to carry out a vehicle pre-purchase inspection.  We will then provide you with a written report on our findings. 


The benefits of this service is that it puts you in the driving seat by minimising uncertainty.  This enables you to take the following action with increased confidence:

  1. Further negotiate the price with the vendor based on items raised during the inspection.
  2. Walk away from the potential purchase.
  3. Proceed with the purchase of the vehicle. 


If you are planning to purchase a vehicle be sure to contact Mechanics At Work.  This service could potentially save you from expensive fixes down the road.


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Date Published: Jul 31 2018 11:04AM
Date Edited: Oct 8 2018 11:47AM