Mobile Mechanic vs. Mechanic Workshop

Mobile Mechanic vs. Mechanic Workshop

Why should you use a mobile mechanic instead of a mechanic workshop?

Here are some of the reasons that we believe using a mobile mechanic is better than booking your vehicle with a mechanic workshop.  But dont take our word for it, read on to hear what our customers have to say as well.  

1. Convenience

Our mobile mechanic service covers South East Brisbane and will come out to you at home, at gym, work...
Lets be honest for many of us our busy lives dont cater for dropping our car off at a service centre, waiting or getting a lift home, only to have to come back to pick up the vehicle.  Think about what you could do with the extra time. 

Customer Feedback - Such a great service to be mobile and come to where you are! Meticulous detail with servicing my car. Will recommend to friends and family any day of the week. Keep up the good work!   Winston, Winston 

2. Experience

Workshop mechanics also get to work on all sorts of cars and equipment, but in some workshops mechanics are able to focus on particular makes of vehicles.  A mobile mechanic has to work on everything all the time, this results in experience of a wide range of vehicle type and problems.

Customer Feedback - Calvin is an honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable mechanic. He always does a thorough check and will let me know if there are any issues I need to be aware of. Prices are very affordable for great service with a smile. Would highly recommend!   Christina Kielenstyn

3. Communication

With this service you will find increased ability for one on one communication.  Our friendly technician is more than happy to diagnose and to advise you on how to best proceed.  

Customer Feedback - If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I rang Calvin on Friday afternoon because all my brakes needed to be replaced. He was at my house at 8:30am the next morning. Excellent service, Calvin is friendly, and most importantly he explains what is wrong with your car and how he’s going to fix it. Definitely my new go to mechanic, would recommend to everyone! Tegan McKenzie-Carter

4. Old Fashioned Service

With most servicing centres you will get a different mechanic working on your car each time.  It is unlikely that you will even meet the technician personally.  When you use a mobile mechanic, you will most often have the same mechanic. This ongoing relationship allows the mechanic to know your car, know what work was done on it and what was left for the next service. The mechanic also has the opportunity to build a professional relationship with you.  There is nothing wrong with getting a bit of old fashioned personal service.

Customer Feedback - Reliable, Honest, On time, A gentleman, Great work ethic (and) Affordable. All the things you want as a customer! Definitely booking this guy again. - Lisa Hindle

We at Mechanics At Work love the service we are able to provide.  The convenience makes a whole lot of sense to our customers.  Do give us a call on 0435 812 747 if you want to know more about the service we provide or get in touch online.   We would love to assist with your pre-purchase inspection, air-conditioning servicevehicle service or repairs.

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Date Published: Jul 15 2017 2:33PM
Date Edited: Apr 9 2019 4:46PM