Filled the Wrong Fuel in Your Vehicle

Filled the Wrong Fuel in Your Vehicle

Filled petrol in a diesel vehicle or diesel in a petrol vehicle?  This happens more often than you think.


Filling the petrol fuel in your diesel vehicle could lead to diesel pump failure or fuel system failure.  The petrol attacks the seals in injectors and the diesel pump. 

Either way these incorrect fuels have the potential to reduce the life span of your fuel pump and cause considerable damage to your vehicle.


Filing diesel in a petrol vehicle will lead to the vehicle either moving sluggishly or not at all. 

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation?

  1. Do not start your vehicle as this causes fuel to circulate through the system and may cause considerable damage.
  2. Do not place the keys in the ignition as newer cars are designed to prepare systems on placement of keys into the ignition.
  3. If you realised that you filled the wrong fuel at the garage. Stop. Do not attempt to start the vehicle. Get assistance from a garage attendant to have the area cordoned off.  Contact a mechanic or roadside assist to drain the incorrect fuel.
  4. If you have already started up the vehicle, stop switch off the vehicle and remove the key from the ignition as soon as you find a safe place.  Contact our roadside assistance on 0435 812 747.


Mistakes do happen and should this happen to you remember to contact

 Mechanics At Work on 0435 182 747.  We will be happy to assist.

Publisher: Mechanics At Work
Date Published: Dec 17 2017 2:58AM
Date Edited: Oct 8 2018 12:07PM