We carry out repairs on all makes and models from light passenger vehicles to 4WD and AWD vehicles


We carry out diagnostics and repairs on all aspects of your vehicles braking system.  This includes visual inspections and replacement of front and rear brake pads, brake rotors, callipers, drums, shoes, brake line/hose,

Hydraulic systems - We diagnose and repair master cylinders, wheel cylinders and carry out brake fluid flushes.

Electrical Systems - We diagnose and repair ABS issues such as speed sensors and ABS module. 

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We diagnose and repair clutch issues including hydraulics master/slave cylinders, hydraulic hoses, releaser bearings/throw out bearing, clutch and pressure plate, skimming of flywheel, spigot bearing and rear main seals.

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Cooling Systems

We diagnose and repair issues with cooling systems.  We carry out a check and replacement on connectors, hoses and water pump as required.

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We carry out a pressure test on your vehicle's radiator and will replace where required.

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We carry out diagnostics and replacements of Alternators, Starters,  Battery, Fuse, Globes, Headlights, Ignition Switch, Fusible Link, Relay 

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Gear Box and Transmission

We carry out servicing of Gearbox and Transmissions which includes replacement of oils and oil filter (when applicable).

Diagnostic and repairs are carried out on the driveline includes driveshaft, CV's Centre carrier bearings and Diff.

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Timing Kits and Chains Kits

Supplied and fitted.  This includes belts, chains, seals, tensioners where applicable.

Mechanic Tip!  Advisable to replace water pump when replacing your timing kit.  The water pump generally sits underneath the timing kit.  Therefore replacing the water pump at the same time saves money on labour.  

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Ignition Systems

We carry on board a scan tool that we use to perform a full diagnostic on ignition systems.   Dependent on the faults we will replace sensors, coil packs, spark plugs, relays, battery, ignition switch etc. 

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We carry out all suspension work.  Diagnosing and replacing of worn components e.g. shock absorbers, struts, bump stops, ball joints, bushes etc.

We also adjust and repack or replace wheel hub bearing (including trailers).

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Battery Replacement

We test the battery's cold cranking amps (CCA) rating.  We load test the battery and remove and replace battery where required.  We also test the battery charging system. 

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Road Worthy Certificate
We carry out road worthy cert. repairs and will assist you in getting your vehicle compliant again. 

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