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Vehicle Servicing 

It is strongly advised that you do not miss your vehicle servicing as regular servicing helps prevent breakdowns.

Mechanics At Work offer a range of servicing options - Basic Service, Log Book Service and Full Service.  Click here for further information or give us

a call on 0435 812 747 - we will be happy to take you through the options. 

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We carry out repairs on all vehicle makes and models from light passenger vehicles to 4WD and AWDs. 

Being a mobile mechanic means that we have ongoing experience with a vast array of vehicles and we like it that way. 

We carry out a range of repairs.  Feel free to contact us on 0435 812 747 if you did not find what your vehicle needs or you need more information. 

For issues with your car or repairs, call us or use our contact page to get an estimate based on the issue and predicted time for repair.

Please include as much information as possible including your car Make and Model so we can quote as accurately as possible. 

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Pre-purchase Inspection Check

We will carry out an inspection on the vehicle you intend to purchase and provide you with a written report of our findings.

This service allows you to take the following action with increased confidence:

1.     Further negotiate the price with the vendor based on findings from the inspection.

2.     Walk away from the potential purchase.

3.     Proceed with the purchase of the vehicle.

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Air-conditioning Services

Is the air-conditioning in your vehicle not performing at its best?  You can beat the heat by contacting us.  We are licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), AU 46681 license number L141937.  This enables us to carry out re-gas and repairs at your location. 

You no longer need to worry about getting your vehicle to a garage as we will come out to you and get the work done whilst you get on with your day. 

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