How Often Should I Replace My Windshield Wiper Blades?

How Often Should I Replace My Windshield Wiper Blades?

Your car’s windshield wiper blades take a beating from Mother Nature, as well as other elements.

The snow, ice, rain and sun can cause the rubber compound on the blade to split and crack over time, creating reduced visibility when you use your wipers in inclement weather. The older your wipers are the more likely they are to scratch your windscreen costing you more in the long run! Auto mechanics say periodically changing out your old blades for new ones allows the windshield wiper to effectively remove debris, rain and snow, therefore increasing your safety when you drive.

But how often should your replace windshield wiper blades?

Signs Your Windscreen Wiper Blades Need To Be Replaced

Streaking: blades that are in good condition should clear the rainwater from the windscreen effortlessly, in one complete action.

Unusual noises: windscreen wipers should operate with minimal noise or ideally should be silent

Irregular movement: wiper blades which are in good condition will move smoothly across the windscreen. As they become worn over time, you may notice that the blades judder on operation which is an indication that replacement may be necessary.

Ragged or distorted blades: visually inspecting the condition of the windscreen wipers should be a weekly task for all vehicle owners.


Don’t forget to check your rear windscreen wiper periodically if your vehicle is fitted with one. Although used less often, the rear wiper blade can also become worn so include it in your weekly checklist and keep an eye out for the obvious signs that it needs replacing when it is operated.

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Publisher: Mechanics@Work
Date Published: Aug 24 2017 11:33AM
Date Edited: Aug 22 2018 10:30AM